our life right now has been rather calm. i'm so used to having so many things that preoccupy my time. going to lunch with friends, play dates, doing flowers, rock climbing, adventuring.. i kept my days busy, really not doing anything, but they were busy. it's completely different here in spain. i'm thinking a lot of it has to do with the fact that i know maybe 5 people & with time that will change & i'll become busier. but as of right now, i'm enjoying it.

we still haven't gotten internet in our apartment (sigh) & it's really made me realize just how heavily i rely on internet & how much time i am capable of wasting on the internet! it's was kinda of shocking & disappointing when i had this realization. i never thought of myself as addicted to it, but maybe i am? everyone i've talked to though tells me how not having the internet is so hard, so i'm thinking i'm not the only one that relies on it for pretty much everything. 

without the internet i have spent so much more of my time reading, which i have loved. i've spent more time doodling & writing in my physical journal, which is one of my favorite pass times that i generally forget about when i'm caught up in the internet & blogging. we've also been spending the majority of our time outside & that is the best. it's not that we didn't spend a lot of time outside already, because we were always in the mountains when we were in utah, but it's different here. without having a car we walk absolutely everywhere. the first week my legs & feet were SO sore, but they've gotten used to it & i really enjoy it. i feel like i'm getting a better understanding of the city by walking everywhere & i know that cedar loves it. he's pumped on every single dog he sees, all of the pigeons in the streets that he thinks are his new bff & all of the people that adore him. which is pretty much everyone because he looks so different from most of the spanish kids. 

it's been nice. life has been slow & i'm soaking it all in because once austin's classes start, on monday, i know life is going to get really busy. he'll be gone a lot at school & it's going to be just cedar & i in a somewhat familiar foreign city. 

i think it's going to be a big test for me. so far i've been able to rely on austin while we're in the city talking to anyone & finding directions & what not, but once monday comes it'll just be me to get us around & figure everything out. it'll be exciting & frustrating, i'm sure of it. & by then we will have internet (wishful thinking, i know) so life will be easier & i'll probably rely on it even more than i already do, haha. & then i will be able to resume my blogging ways! 

p.s. sorry for lack of photos still. it took about 20 minutes to upload these two & i gave up after that because i am impatient.


  1. Miss you so much! Super jealous of the experience you're having :)
    Do u get calls or texts still? Love, ry
    Ps say hi to Austin and cedar 4 me

  2. this sounds like an awesome adventure! you'll have to share some of your internet-less doodles and art that you create with us!