last thursday was austin's birthday! he is a youngin' & just turned 25. unfortunately for all of us he had to go to school so it wasn't too much of a party, but we made the best of it. cedar & i met him during his break to get a quick lunch before cedar & i set off to bake his birthday brownies & decorate.. to our best extent! our apartment doesn't have a lot of space to decorate, but i did my best! i always make a homemade carrot cake for birthdays cause that's what i grew up with, but austins only request for his birthday was to have brownies. but not just any brownies, "american" brownies made from the box from the u.s.a. only store, that sells what you'd guess... products from the u.s. like dr. pepper & kraft macaroni but for about 5 euros a can or box (they stock some weird stuff that i didn't realize were thought of as being american). austin is a difficult one to get gifts for because he is very particular about what he buys & likes to put a looooooooot of thought into it, which can be hard for anyone wanting to get him anything! i didn't have a gift for him yet cause he hadn't decided what to get but i wanted him to have something, so while we were there i bought austin a bunch of different american candy that he loves. 

after he got home from school we sang happy birthday, had some brownies & headed out on a walk before going to dinner at la máquina, a fish restaurant, with his friends from school. i love how we really haven't been here for that long but we have both made some really good friends. the group we went to dinner with were the people he was in a group with their first semester & they all really bonded with each other. they spent the majority of the night laughing & talking about the first semester & their first impressions of one another. it was so much fun. happy birthday, austin! 

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