"it's the freakin' weekend baby i'm about to have me some fun"
remember that song? it seriously comes to my mind EVERY weekend & that line is the only part of the song i know. 
 annnyways! i hope you all had a lovely weekend! one of the really cool things about living in spain is that there are SO many country/city holidays, which means austin gets long weekends pretty often & he happens to have THREE long weekends in may alone, which is really great. the down side to this is that we are here for him to go to school.. so he normally still goes to school on these long weekends & has finals happening in may, but! the upside: the city is pretty much dead on long weekends. it may not sound like an upside but when you live in a really big & busy city, it's pretty cool when you feel like you're one of the few people even there. the parks are empty, the stores are empty (a lot of them are closed too, which can be annoying, but whatevs), the restaurants are empty & the whole city is calm. it's my jam. 

while austin was busy being a responsible & good student on friday cedar & i hit up the parks during the day & austin met us in the afternoon for a picnic. picnics are also my jam lately. when you live in an apartment with absolutely no yard, parks start to feel like your home. saturday we went to brunch at one of the spots we discovered our first week in madrid, panela & co. i absolutely love this place & their brunch, while it doesn't fully compare to an american brunch, is incredibly good. the weather has been amazing here so we took advantage of that & sat outside which cedar loved because he could point to every single bird & shout "biiiiiird!" a million times. we got cedar some baby sunglasses cause he is always squinting in his stroller & i felt bad about it & they are the funniest things. he loves to put them on & off, they never stay on for longer than 5 minutes, but they are cute & funny & entertain him, so it seems like an overall good purchase. 

one weird part about living in a different country that i definitely didn't think about is that holidays are sometimes on different days of the year. for example, they celebrate fathers day in march. i definitely missed the memo on spanish fathers day, sorry austin. & they celebrated mothers day the first sunday of may, yesterday. on our way to church we saw everyone picking up flowers & going to breakfast with their moms & it was really cute. & at church they gave out little pins to all of the moms & at first i kept wondering why they were doing it. but then i remembered, mothers day. spanish version. but since i missed spanish fathers day, i decided to just celebrate on the american days haha. but! i'll consider this as a semi mothers day gift from cedar: this week was the second time in cedars life that he stayed in nursery by himself! it's only taken him 6 months to get use to it & it is a complete game changer for me at church. it's a whole new experience now actually getting to go to sunday school, i don't want to jinx myself or anything, but it was pretty great. 

i've been kind of sporadic in my posts lately & most of them are all travel posts. i've had a couple things i've been working on that have been taking up the majority of my free time lately, so i kinda put my blog on the back burner. i'll tell you soon about my projects, i'm really excited about it but don't want to say too much about it yet, so i'll leave it at that. annoying, i know. we're going back to morocco this weekend & i am really, really excited for this trip! & i'm hoping after the trip my posts will stop being so random... but probably not, cause life is just sort of random!


  1. kerry i love how you say "my jam" now. i have literally been doing the exact same thing the last like, week. twinners! 2 more things: cedar in those sunglasses (i'm dead) and where is your striped shirt from?