we made it to costa rica friday night & since it has been nonstop sunshine, heat, swimming, beach & lounging. it's been perfect! today we went on a little tour of the area we're staying in to see all the different animals. near the end of the tour it started to rain & cedar needed a nap, so here i am sitting on the patio while the little guy naps away & i'm left to look at the pictures we have so far.

i kind of keep forgetting that my birthday is in two days! i'm not always positive what day it is now that we're here, which is the way it's supposed to be when you're on vacation if you ask me! but i realized that it was so soon & thought i'd put together a wishlist for my birthday! i probably should have done it earlier than 2 days before, but i kinda figure i'm not going to get presents in costa rica, so i still have some time to send out hints!
1. a hobo wallet, because mine broke after 4 years of use.
2. this jacket from free people. it just looks so incredibly comfortable & warm!
3. kiehl's cedarwood & vanilla perfume. it smells amazing!
4. saphire & diamond ring from sundance (in my dreams).
5. brixton hat. i love hats, i'm not quite sure i pull off hats besides beanies, but i like to try.
6. the mini transport bag from madewell, in black. it just looks so perfect for anything & everything.


  1. costa rica is soooo cool, I went there with my family a few years ago -- my favorite part was seeing a sloth! so cute! I'm obsessed with that sapphire ring O.O

  2. these look fun...yeah...too bad you never mentioned any of it!!!