living in a city, in an apartment, means that you don't have a yard which can be a really big bummer. especially on days where you don't feel like getting fully dressed, are tired or don't feel like making the trek to a park. those are the times it really sucks not to have a backyard. but then there are those days where the trek isn't so bad & the park becomes your backyard & all is well. we are lucky & actually have a playground just a couple blocks away from us, but i gotten into dedicating at least one day a week to parque retiro.
retiro is a dream park. it is gigantic, it is beatuiful, it is never ending & there is something for everyone. i seriously discover a new piece of this park every single time we go & i am in love with it for that very reason. i loved it as soon as we got here, with the fall leaves & colors everywhere i couldn't imagine it to be any prettier. & then spring happened. everything is in bloom, there are roses everywhere, fountains surrounded by flowers that i had no idea about, so many trees, it is truly amazing. i love to get lost in the park.
cedar has really gotten to know his way around the city & as soon as we're near the park he just keeps asking me to get him out of the stroller, he gets so excited. as soon as we cross into the park i let him out & let him run wild wherever his tiny heart desires & i just follow him, it's great. he gets all his wiggles out, checks out the ducks, plays on one of the million playgrounds for a few minutes & then goes to find a new one. it's my favorite activity. if i'm lucky, there are days that he gets so worn out that he will fall asleep in his stroller & i can stay & enjoy the park either walking around or stopping in one of the grassy, secluded fields & read while he naps. & when he wakes up i reward the both of us with some ice cream. going to retiro is pretty much our favorite activity. if you ever, ever come to madrid, go to retiro & spend a lot of time taking it all in.

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