wedding day: details

it's all in the details. isn't it?
i've always been a detail kind of girl. i love the small, often unnoticed details. & i always have. i spot them & am instantly drawn. i can't explain it.
needless to say, there were, i'm sure, a lot of unnoticed details of our wedding that i took great effort into creating. so i'm going to highlight what my favorite details were.
first off: i absolutely loved my flowers. they turned out absolutely gorgeous.
our flourist was belle of the ball design & they were great.
they were awesome about listening to what we really wanted & pulled it off.
i didn't want everything to be the same, i wanted to have a handful
of different things & have them all come together as one
& they really helped me achieve that look with our center pieces.
i'm not a big fan of giant center pieces. i like to see who is sitting across from me
so i wanted to keep them simple, low to the table & lovely.
we intermixed wood boxes with candles & a variation of milk glass,
vintage blue jars & clear cups & bottles to hold flowers on other tables
mixing heights with cake platters & different sizes of jars.
everyone has either been to or been in a wedding with not so great bridesmaids dresses
& i really, really did not want that. i wanted to give my bridesmaids a dress
that they could wear again & hopefully like. i really liked them, so it gave me
hope that they would too. 
their dresses were a very simple tiffany blue kind of color with a cinched waist.
since it was so simple, i wanted to add something to it so we paired it with
a mint & gold necklace & a gold belt from anthropolgie.
it gave the dress some sparkle without being over board

our favors were succulents & bags of candy that the guests could fill.
the candy bar was a really fun part to plan. i picked some of my all time
favorite candies, & got huge orders of them. it was heaven. plus, we had left overs.
it was a really cute & fun display too. i loved having it.
i also made signs to go around saying what was what, like this sweets & favors sign.

my mom & i were having a hard time figuring out how people were going to seal
their bags of candy. 
it needed to be a quick, simple method. tying bows seemed to difficult/time consuming &
we weren't able to find stickers that we loved.
so my mom somehow found a site where you could custom make stickers 
& boom! ausint & i have our own stickers. she even got crafty
& figured out how to put one of the flowers from our invitation on the sticker too.
i was impressed with them & thought they were pretty cute.
our guests table cards were also made by my cousin marta & matched with our invitations
our cake was from skiff cakes & was delicious. we had three flavors: carrot cake, white cake with strawberry filling & lemon poppyseed with lemon filling. we left our cake fairly simple. i couldnt decide on a pattern or what color i would make it, so i opted for traditional white with what they called a "rapture" design. not quite sure why that's the name... but it is. our flourist then added flowers onto the cake to give it some pop. 
i loved our cake though & how it looked. i know it was probably a really overlooked detail because from far away, it just looked white. so i wanted everyone to get a close up.
one detail that meant a lot to me was to have a locket of my dad around my bouquet.
since my dad passed away, it meant a lot to me to have something of him
with me on my big day & i loved having his picture with me the entire time.
my hair was also a detail i loved. it was woven so intricately with the rhinestones
wrapping around my hair 

***  bridesmaid dresses were found on 


  1. Your bridesmaids dresses are absolutely gorgeous! May I ask where you found these?

    1. Sorry I just saw all these comments! It's from

  2. I'm also loving your dresses and the accessories you paired them with! soooo cute. Dying to know where they are from?! Thanks!!

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  5. Hey!
    So I am in a wedding in january and I have been looking for a dress that color, I ordered one online but then it didnt look good and its sleeveless which is not good for a barn wedding in january. This dress would be perfect! Where did you find that dress? Thanks so much! hahahaha I just saw all of the comments about, thats hilarious.

  6. I'm dying to know where the bridesmaids dresses came from! I love the dress!

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  10. Did anyone ever find out where the dress is from?!

  11. I can't seem to find it on their site : (
    Maybe it has been discontinued? Do you happen to remember the name of the dress? Thanks!!

  12. I was looking for the dress as well and it does not seem to be on the site. I would love to find it, how long ago did you purchase it??

  13. Hi Kerry!

    Since I can't seem to find a dress like your bridesmaid dresses, I am having mine custom made like this but in a different color. Can I ask what the back of them look like so that I can let my designer know. If you have a picture that would be great too! :)

    Thanks so much!

  14. So happy to finally find the source of some of my favorite wedding inspiration photos that have been all over Pinterest!