yesterday shannon & i went to disneyland & like usual, loved it.
shannon got her first annual pass so now she can go all the time & i renewed mine.
the park was surprisingly empty & we hit all of our favorite rides quickly with hardly any waiting time.
we went to dinner at calfornia adventure where we got tickets for the world of color
& saw cars land for the first time. it was all perfect
till we got to the world of color where i noticed i had lost my everyday diamond tooth necklace.
needless to say, i was pretty bummed. i did find the chain caught in my hair, so assuming it broke while i put my jacket on at dinner, we went back to the restaurant where we thought it would be. sadly to say it was not. despite my loss we still went on my all time favorite c.a. adventure ride: tower of terror, & it quickly made me extremely happy.
before we left we went to the lost & found just to double check for my necklace charm & to my extreme surprise someone had found it & turned it in. i was so, so happy. i couldn't believe someone actually found it, it's a pretty small necklace charm & i lost it at nighttime, so i am very blessed to have had it found.
we then made our way back to the car, where we both learned neither of us were paying attention while we parked because we had no idea where the car was. we wandered around the disneyland parking lot for about half an hour & all over three different levels before shannon spotted it. so that was fun.
all in all it was a fun day at disneyland & it reminded me of this alice in wonderland video.
it's an alice in wonderland mashup with different parts of the music & vocals making a sort of techno song to parts of the movie. i think it's pretty cool, so maybe you will too.

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