monday was spent back up in the uintas & with a real camera! i don't know why we decided to go back on labor day, because it was jam packed, but we did & i'm happy about that. i kind of forget that the uintas actually aren't that far away.
we spent our time wandering through & on the mountains, finding different bits of river for austin to fish while cedar & i entertained ourselves by throwing rocks. cedar has recently developed a love for rocks, so we also spent a lot of time collecting them. it's pretty adorable actually, he doesn't just take fistfuls of rocks, he picks each one individually & clenches them SO tight in his little hand & if one falls out of his hold he tries SO hard to squeeze it back in until they eventually all fall out & he starts all over, with new rocks. it's pretty cute & kept it occupied, which was another benefit. these pictures of austin & cedar are some of my favorite pictures to date. i love seeing them together, they're the best. i think i'm pretty lucky i get to spend my entire life with those two, it's really fun.

p.s.these pictures are taken at mirror lake.


  1. I lve these pictures! Cedar will love them when he's older. And the one of solo Austin is a really good one, he looks handsome.

  2. Look at that blue water! Wow, this place is so beautiful!

  3. gorgeous! what a beautiful place and family :) how adorable is that little pom pom hat?!

  4. those are some of the cutest pics ever!!! love them!!!